Artist Statement

Everything overlaps in a constant cycle, and the future is not a promise anymore, but an ambivalent threat these days. Patrick Ostrowsky (b. 1991, Schwandorf) lives and works in Basel and Munich. Being born in the Bavarian Forest, his artistic approach deals with his personal background, like the DIY Tradition of his Slavic origins, concepts of art & nature and experience of daily life. Ostrowsky combines sculpture, objects, performance and installation in his formal, yet poetic, language. Based on critical research about (temporary) architecture and natural spaces, materials and rituals, he creates restless installations which refer to a subjective understanding of world-building against a dominant, patriarchal system of beliefs. Being inspired by sense of not belonging, Ostrowsky encourages solid materials such as concrete or steel to form a relationship with soft substances like clay, resin, paper or water. Taking his sculpture and installations as virtual counterparts or „entities“, he pursues a fragile, yet fluid concept of sculpture and space. Patrick Ostrowsky attempts to emphasize the importance of difference by creating purposeful contradictions between the materiality and the concept.

- PO